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The Nordic Way

  • Patented Green-Power Air Ventilation Technology System Solution from Finland – “The Nordic Way”

  • Extremely energy efficient with low carbon footprint

  • All-In-One System for purification, dehumidification, cooling/heating and energy recovery

  • Provides clean, comfortable and healthy indoor air quality (incl minimal CO2, radon, mould, bacteria, mildew, germs, VOC, fungus)

  • For any purpose; new or retrofit existing HVAC (offices, shopping malls, residential, hospitals, schools, clean rooms, factories & more)

  • Our installation costs 15% less than a standard HVAC system

  • We save 80% of operating costs compared to standard HVAC systems

  • We provide world’s 1st ventilation system with dual control of Temperature and ABSOLUTE Humidity

  • We use patented Rotary Energy Recovery Wheel Technology and Energy Bus System

  • We provide 100% fresh air supply compared to 30% of standard HVAC systems, and remove CO2 & impurities

  • We dehumidify supply air before bringing it into the building

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